Nice place!

Over the past 3.5 years of living in the shoebox apartment, I have endured a lot of slams on this humble abode. Let’s just say that if housing were a game of dodgeball, our apartment would get picked last and be the first to get thrown out.

The upside of this place is that its cheap, the location is good and we have practically no issues. Specifically, over the entire duration of my residence, we have had essentially no maintenance issues…until the other day when the showerhead stopped working.

Tiffany called the manager to come take a look. This manager was recentl new, we had never met him before and he had never been in our apartment.

Not too long after the call a knock comes at the door. Its the manager and Tiffany let’s him in. He gets a couple of steps inside and exclaims “Wow, you guys have a really nice place here!”

First (and only) compliment our apartment has received in 3.5 years. We can’t stop giggling. 🙂


About shoeboxlife

We live in a shoebox...and like it!
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