Avoiding Labor in San Diego







Tiffany and I drive down to San Diego yesterday for a little R&R. We had a delicious Swordfish and Steak dinner and took a little walk around Mission Bay.

As we were driving down, it occured to me that this is a bit of a special ocasion for the two of us for two reasons. First, with this trip to San Diego, Tiffany and I will have been to the four corners of the United States together: the East coast of Maine in the summr of 2005, Miami and Key West in the Winter of 2006, cape flattery on the Olympic Penninsula with my parents in the summer of 2009. What’s even more amazing is that we have made every one of these trips in her car!!

Ive recently joined a sailing club back in Seattle. In order to check out the boats I need to do a test out which I have sceduled for Wed afternoon.  While my sailing experience in the Great Lakes was first rate, my skills are a little rusty. Im reading the textbook for the written portion this weekend. To help hone my skills on the sea a little more, Tiffany and I rented one of the little 14 ft sailboats from the resort. Today we hit the high seas of mission bay with light wind and high hopes. It wasn’t long before I was pushing the boat to its limits and there we’re a couple of really close calls where it felt like we might flip. Then, as we got further out into the bay, the wind really picked up and there was a terrifying tack where half the boat submerged and we almost did flip. Both a little shaken up, we decided it was time to head back to the dock. Tiffany was shaking by the time we tied up but she spared my pride by not kissing the dock. But I almost did. Unfortunately, we were both so preoccupied sailing that we didn’t ha e a chace to break out the camera and get a pic of the action.

Now we’re off to see a little more of downtown San Diego and maybe even Balboa park.


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