Born again

After a hiatus that was simply too long, I intend to breathe new life back into this blog which was originally conceived to document our adventures together. As you will read in this post, the blog title – shoeboxlife – has taken on a whole new meaning for us generally, and me in particular.

THE BIG NEWS: Maybe its all the stress at work or the hint of spring in the air but its taken me up until this last Friday to get really real about what I want out of life, what’s important to me and to have my actions match these values. After thinking a lot about leaving my job to start my own business for the last five years, I had only made some marginal steps to get it off the ground: incorporating, establishing a bank account and tax id and setting up some very preliminary demonstrations of my product concepts. I even added profiles for fictional employees on LinkedIN. But out of all these little pseudo steps the one most important thing I never did was make a single dollar.

That all changes starting now.

I quit my job on Monday.

Am I scared? Yes.
Can I fail? Certainly.
Is the risk worth the roll? Hell yes.


About shoeboxlife

We live in a shoebox...and like it!
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