Making it happen

I was in Phoenix for Tuesday through Friday for what became an awkward company meeting having turned in my resignation on Monday. So far only a select few people in my office know and the plan we have sketched out is that I will stay on and work to wrap up my projects through our busy time, which ends quite abruptly on the first Monday in June. I will make a formal announcement sometime in mid May. After my last day at work, my plan is to immediately fly up to Alaska for a climb I have been planning with two guys for the past couple of months. Then I’ll come back to Seattle and move myself super cheap to live with Tiffany down in LA.

At least that is the plan this hour. 🙂

After the meeting in Phoenix I flew to LA to spend the weekend with Tiffany. That leg of my itinerary was pretty much the only reason I took the trip. It is good to see how excited she is for the change and it feels good to spend a little time in my new hometown thinking about my new lifestyle and how i am going to make it all work. We’ve sketched out some important details such as creating a place for my home office and adjusting our monthly budget to reflect only one certain income.

There are still a lot of details to be worked out: what to do with my car, when to cancel internet and phone services and so on. Sometimes I feel a little stressed and I catch myself having to resist the temptation of picking up all these silly little jobs that i keep thinking of to net some guaranteed green.

Thankfully, Tiffany gets this new mindset well too. If the certainty of a paycheck is the main goal then no one would ever quit their job and do this.

Starting a business is about passion, vision and the willingness to forego immediate comfort for a chance at a much higher pleasure. In many ways it feels to me like starting a diet or a new rigorous exercise regime. In those first few days there are about a million reasons and opportunities to regress back to old habits. You just have to keep telling yourself things like nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. Just like dieters and athletes transform their bodies through conscious choice and discipline, so too do I hope to be able to craft a new and better life.

1. Text from a friend that the skiing in WA is amazing today. Powder chest deep. I remind myself even though I love to ski, I love the enduring intellectual and emotional pleasures of business too.

2. Email from ski resorts advertising the deep discounting of next years season passes. Delete.

3. Combing through two months of online purchases to see what can be returned and for how much.

It feels purifying to purge myself of these possessions and distractions I’ve accumulated to compensate for displeasure at work. But the process certainly isn’t easy and without its own stress.

And when my mind really starts spinning and all of the emotion is just a little too much to bear, I run. It costs nothing and helps every time.


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