The black hole tries to suck its fleeing star back into its hollow blackness

It was a week and a day ago that I walked in at 8am and turned in my resignation. Since then I’ve been basically handholding those I work for on how to begin to think about transitioning my work to other people. So far, only a few people in the office know I have quit. I was going to withhold making a big announcement until the middle of May. Nevertheless, I immediately told one person who I knew would be significantly impacted.

Up util this morning there was one other person that still didn’t know whom I knew would also be significantly impacted. It was causing me to lose sleep knowing this person was oblivious and since no one in the company was saying anything to him, I decided today I had to break the news myself. I told one of the owners that if he hadn’t told this person already, then I would do it myself today.

The owner asked me to come talk with him and for about 30minutes before i spread the news. In the meeting he tried to talk me into continuing to work my severely overcommitted work load unil I left in June. In no uncertain terms I told him that was not possible and that I was staying on merely as a courtesy to help transition work. If he didn’t think that was valuable, I could leave at any time, I told him.

After resisting several poorly reasoned arguments for why I should keep the workload up he finally appeared to accept my offer. Then, as we were about to wrap the meeting up, he said there was one more thing. We recently won a proposal he and I had made together and he wanted to know if I wanted to work on it too?

“No.” I said about as loudly as one can without yelling while looking him straight in the whites of his eyes.

What part of “I quit.” is so difficult to interpret? Its disgusting how they keep trying to suck me back in. Clearly there is a situation where there is just buckets and buckets of work to be done and nowhere near enough qualified people to do it.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect time to start a consulting company?

I think so. 🙂


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