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Bob Barnes’ Ten Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Find idea with a large market for which people will attach great value Recruit gifted co-workers Be ridiculously practical and passionate Prepare to work long hours (70 – 80 hours / week) Find the right significant other Be persistent and … Continue reading

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Screw Work/Life Balance, I Want Work/Life Juggling!

What’s the vision for this next step in my life? Is it a better work/life balance? Hell no! Balance is boring. Its static. It takes you nowhere. The vision is work/life juggling. Chasing powder on a Tuesday morning with no … Continue reading

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Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.

Thanks for the inspiration Linda! 🙂

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Pulling the trigger

I pulled the trigger on my flight to Anchorage just now and I paid the fee for my climbing permit last week. This is for real!

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