Screw Work/Life Balance, I Want Work/Life Juggling!

Fire Juggling

What’s the vision for this next step in my life? Is it a better work/life balance? Hell no! Balance is boring. Its static. It takes you nowhere.

The vision is work/life juggling. Chasing powder on a Tuesday morning with no notice. Working for a month from a shack in Bali. More time with Tiffany, working out, eating better food. Doing something that excites me just about every day. That’s the vision – that’s work/life juggling!

Sounds like a lot of effort to keep the timing just right so all those balls stay up in there air doesn’t it? Yeah, it will be – at first. But with practice it’ll become a snap. And I can take the juggling act anywhere. That sounds a lot better to me than standing around someplace putting a lot of effort into trying not to tip over.


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