SF for Americas Cup

Earlher this month Tiffany and I went to San Francisco to watch the Americas Cup races. It was thrilling to see the big 72ft catamarans zip around San Francisco bay at speeds up to 50mph.

This was my first time back in the bay area since Seans wedding in May of 2011 and my first time back in SF proper since a year or two before that. Recently I have been thinking of moving to SF at some point. Interestingly, even through we caught SF on a perfect weekend with clear skies and high temps, I realized that a lot about me and my desires in an ideal location have changed since moving to LA.

First, i used to find urban density a really exciting thing. It just used to feel so invigorating walking amongst all those people! Maybe i am getting older but I’ve ooutgrown that thrill.

The other thing that has surprised me is that I really enjoy having great weather just about every day. Living in LA its nice to know you don’t have to bud your whole life around the times its sunny. You can pretty much count on it every single day. Surprisingly this makes me a lot calmer and more willing to buckle down and get some work done. I debt find myself gazing out the window on a sunny day, wishing with every ounce of my being that i was outside.

All this is good news I suppose for T. Who as far as I can tell wouldnt mind it one bit if this pit stop in LA turned into a final resting place. 🙂


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